Nashoba Junior Participates in Pantene Charity: “Beautiful Lengths”


Emily Doran, Correspondent

Locks of Love is the traditional “donate-your-hair-to-charity” organization which makes wigs for people who have lost their hair to cancer. This practice motivated a variety of other companies to create their own programs. In fact, Pantene also decided to start a charity called “Beautiful Lengths” for the same cause.  They challenge individuals to donate at least eight inches of hair or money to the organization to help people fighting cancer. When Junior Alicia Burrows learned about this organization, she decided to contribute to the cause.

“I had really long hair and wanted to cut it anyways…it’s a way to make someone feel more confident,” she stated. “I feel like people define themselves by how their hair looks and  without it their confidence can be affected.”

The organization requires eight inches of hair in order to donate, but Alicia donated fourteen. When she went to her regular hair salon, her hairdresser separated her hair into three different ponytails and cut them all off. Alicia is preparing to send her hair into Pantene, and hopes that she will make a difference in the life of a person battling cancer.

If you are interested in donating money or your hair, check out Beautiful Lengths or Locks of Love, to help someone in need. This is just another story of a Nashoba student “doing a great thing”.