Senior Night: Calling All Seniors for Their Big Last Night Playing as a Chieftain


As the school year is winding down to an end, so are spring sports. This season, all teams are sending off many dedicated, hard-working seniors.Teams are showing appreciation  for their seniors by dedicating a senior night.


Girls sports get very creative on showing how much they love their seniors. For example, fifteen seniors are leaving girl’s track, and giving them a senior night was huge; the girls came together and assembled cute baskets filled with their favorite items, along with decorating their cars.


The boys lacrosse team is losing a big chunk of their players. Danny Kline explained that there are losing thirteen people for next year. Junior Robert Braceland says “Our seniors were amazing this year, and this has been one of the best seasons we have had, even though we did not go far.”


Both teams ended their season strongly- the track team placed second in the league, and boy’s lacrosse was one game short from making it into playoffs. Even though both teams are losing many seniors and ending the season short, they are still proud of their accomplishments they achieved during their 2015 season.


The other teams get together and plain out a special event to show how their appreciation for the seniors and their parents. Underclassmen decorated the dugouts, hung up streamers in the locker room and outside, made posters for the seniors, and did other special decorating to make their last season memorable. Girls softball, for instance, put together old jerseys with the seniors’ numbers on it and gave it to the seniors so that they could keep them forever.

The parents have a big role in senior night, too. Not only do players get recognized and appreciated, but so do their parents. Players hand their parents flowers and smile for the camera as they say “thank you” to their parents for guiding and helping them.

There are still a few remaining senior nights. Softball and tennis is on May 27th, and baseball is on May 29th. This year is the last year for many athletes to be playing a sport. After four years of being committed to the sport, each player deserves a nice little surprise. Senior night is a great way to recognize the players for that as they take some of their last stepson the field, track, or turf. Even if the player is still playing the sport in college, it will be there last time playing as a chieftain. As we say, “once a chieftain, always a chieftain”. Thank you and congratulations to all seniors in the 2015 spring sport season.