The Scoop on the 2015 Senior Class Gift

The Scoop on the 2015 Senior Class Gift

Each year, in honor of the graduation of the senior class, the students of that class give a “senior gift” to the school. Initially, the gift was supposed to be a large rock, however this plan ultimately fell through.

Dr. Graham stated that there was a need for improvements in the lower courtyard to repurpose the area, and senior class officers agreed. With this in mind, a committee of teachers, led by Mr. Becker, was formed to organize the new gift.

What is this new gift? An outdoor classroom!

The inspiration for the outdoor classroom was sparked by both the Science and the Foreign Language departments’ interest in being able to use the courtyard for educational purposes. Following this initiative, Mr. Becker formed a committee to design and construct this outdoor classroom.

The current plan is for Mr. LeBlanc’s engineering classes to construct the outdoor shelter, or pavilion, this June. School facilities will purchase the seating that will be installed within the pavilion. The current seating plan is to have six metal picnic tables, enough to seat a whole class (or 25 students). Mrs. Peer will plant a tree along with several other plants, trees, and flowers around the area with her entomology class and Mrs. O’Neil and Dr. Form will be creating a vegetable garden for their gastronomy class.

Senior class officer, Mrs. Hamlin, says, “With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, it will be ready to use in August.” If everything goes as planned the pavilion will be functional by the time classes resume in September.