10 Things To Do Over the Summer

The Boston Globe has a great list of what to do after enduring Massachusetts’ tough winter but here are a few more ideas, to make your summer life a little more pleasurable.

1. Erickson’s Ice Cream 

First, let’s start off our summer, with a delicious  ice cream cone. What is better than Erickson’s Ice Cream? Erickson’s Ice Cream has every flavor imaginable and their homemade ice cream is unbeatable. Anyone who lives in Stow has been and anyone who has visited always returns.

12 Great Road, Maynard Massachusetts 

2. Kimball’s Farm 

Another option would be a trip to Kimball’s Farm. I think most of us have been and for many it becomes tradition and it’s another opportunity to get ice cream. Not to mention, the bumper boats, games, and mini gulf.

1543 Lunenburg Road, Lancaster, Massachusetts

Photo Courtesy: Canobie Lake Park

3. Canobie Lake Park 

In my family, we have a tradition of going to Canobie Lake Park at least once every summer. Each time we eat way too many french fries, cotton candy, and ice cream and go on as many rides as possible. Some rides include the Starblaster, the Flume, and the Boston Tea Party. They also have musical impersonations perform including Justin Beiber, Madonna, and Katy Perry.

85 N Policy Street, Salem, New Hampshire 

4. Six Flags New England 

Another amusement park, that is much bigger and another great trip for the summer, would be Six Flags New England. This summer they are premiering their newest ride, the Wicked Cyclone. Other crazy rides include the Bizarro which reaches an unbelievable height, then drops back down. They also have one of the bests water parks with a wave pool, water slides, and the Tornado.

1623 Main Street, Agawam, Massachusetts

5. Take a Zumba class 

Getting out of school, also means getting more free time and for those who love the gym, take a trip to Global Fitness for a Zumba class. Zumba has become more and more popular and it’s something we all want to try. Boost up your confidence and dance!

Stow Shopping Center 117, Great Road, Stow, Massachusetts

6. See Taylor Swift in concert 

July 24th and 25th, Taylor Swift will be coming to Gillette Stadium for a show of her newly started tour. Taylor Swift puts on a great, yet, also surprising show as she also invites special guests. Last time she was here, she brought Carly Simon on stage to sing You’re So Vain. Who knows who she will bring this time?

Gillette Stadium 1 Patriot PI, Foxborough, Massachusetts

7. Have a Beach Day 

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia

    Now that this difficult winter has ended, the warm weather is coming and nothing is better than a trip to the beach. One great beach to visit would be Salisbury Beach. Get on your swimsuits, pack snacks and drinks in a cooler, get your towels, all your sand toys and venture off to a beautiful day at the beach.

Beach Road, Rte. 1A, Salisbury, Massachusetts

8. Spring Fest 

    Another event coming up, is the Spring Fest, on May 16th. There will be lots of food, rides, and activities for all to do. There will also be vendors selling their homemade products. One of which will be handmade purses and various other sewn necessities by Kay Couture.

10:00 am to 3:00 pm 403 Great Road, Stow, Massachusetts

9. The Bolton Fair 

Something else that’s a great event is to go to the Bolton Fair, on August 14th to 16th. Here there will be various rides, foods, animals, and shows to see. It is a great way to get out and spend time with family and friends.

3187 Bridge Road, Lancaster, Massachusetts

10. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 

Photo Courtesy: Travelsort

    Now I know what you are thinking: no one wants to go to a boring museum. That’s just what I thought as my family dragged me along to what would be a visit to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Despite my lack of enthusiasm, I ended up loving the museum and learning a lot from it. This museum has numerous drawings, paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art that were made in all times of life. You can also see the empty frames where some of the paintings were stolen 25 years ago and were never found. To top it off they have a beautiful garden where you can sit and take pictures.

25 Evans Way, Boston Massachusetts