Senior Send off Festivities

Senior Send off Festivities

Hannah Feakes, Editor

3-2-1… SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!! Well, not quite yet Nashoba. Although the countdown has begun, seniors still have 5 days left. Yes, that means waking up early, toting around abnormally large backpack and behaving in an appropriate manner still exists.

Monday, May 18th is the commencement of ‘Senior Week’, the most anticipated week of the year. The Nashoba tradition is to participate in spirit days, play games out on the field, and most memorable, pull funny and harmless pranks on the underclassmen and faculty.

The pranks have already begun, and seniors are ready to bust outta here. Parent volunteers, faculty and class officers have planned a slew of activities to keep the class of 2015 busy and entertained.

For those of you who may be unaware, the spirit days are as follows:

Monday, May 18th: USA

Tuesday, May 19th: Senior skip day

Wednesday, May 20th: Beach/ Hawaiian

Thursday, May 21st: Blackout/Stealth

Friday, May 22nd: Senior shirts and Nashoba spirit

Even after the last day of classes for seniors, the fun continues into the next week! May 22nd kicks it off with Field day from 8-11, breakfast, outdoor games and a comedian.

There will be a barbecue picnic from 10am- 2pm on June 1st at Memorial Field in Bolton that includes free food and sports. The rain date for the barbecue is June 3rd, same place and time.

June 2nd is the Red Sox v. Minnesota Twins at Fenway Park for those students who have already paid for and received a ticket with their name on it. Due to lack of interest, there will be no school sponsored bus to the game and students will have to provide their ow transportation.

Now you’d think every senior would know how to walk across a stage without messing up… am I right? I’m wrong. June 4th is a mandatory Graduation rehearsal at 9am. After an exhausting day of learning how to walk in a straight line, seniors and faculty are invited to attend the 2015 Senior Banquet. This event is being held at Devens Commons in Devens and begins at 6pm.

And finally… finally, after every last game is played, hot dog is consumed, and the seniors have been properly celebrated, commencement day arrives; June 7th. Graduation is the day we have all been waiting for, the day we have all been our working our butts off for four years for. It is the reason we completed our homework night after night, and the reason we paid attention to those boring lectures every day. Seniors must arrive at the DCU Center in Worcester for some announcements at 11am before the commencement begins at 12:30pm.

It’s been a wild ride Class of 2015, finish like a Chieftain and always stay true to the tribe.