Art Show Extravaganza


This year’s Art Show was anything but ordinary; just like the exceptional art created by Nashoba students that was on display during the Art Show. The first part of the art extravaganza took place in the Media Center. It began on Tuesday, April 28th and the second part followed on Friday, May 1st. First on the agenda was the Art Show itself, which was on display in the learning commons for the whole week. Next was the video announcements’ virtual tour that aired on Nashoba News the morning of Friday, May 1st.

Ms. Smith and Ms. Betke coordinated this majestic event. The show included art from the painting, ceramics, digital photography, and printmaking classes offered here. They hoped that this year’s art show would give students a chance to showcase their work and understanding of artistic concepts.

Along with the work of the current art students, there was an inspiring tribute to Michelle Farnsworth: a table full of her beautiful artwork. Michelle used drawing and painting as a form of therapy while she was battling cancer. Her love for art shed a warm light on the hearts of all Nashoba students fortunate enough to view her intricate work.

Ms. Smith and Ms. Betke had high hopes that the show would inspire new Nashoba artists to enroll for the incoming fall. When she saw pictures from the week’s show, Delaney Hallberg, an incoming freshman next year, said, “Wow, that art is so good! I was thinking about taking Ceramics next year but I thought we might not actually do anything. I’m definitely signing up, it looks like they make really cool stuff.”  Ms. Smith encouraged teachers  “to bring students down to check out the work” hoping that the art would “create opportunities to make connections between art and content areas.” The art teachers were also hoping to encourage newcomers and burgeoning artists to share their work as well.

The brand new Art Show Video was broadcast from the Nashoba News team on May 1st. The show highlighted some of the best and most inspiring pieces. The goal was to bring awareness to the important art work being made that is often not otherwise seen by other students. The halls were roaring with conversation about the fantastic work and effort that was shown throughout the art show, as well as the number of underclassmen who are now willing and want to participate in art classes next year.

Picture by Caroline Sczesuil