Seniors Declassified School Survival Guide


As Taylor Swift once sang, “it’s your freshmen year and you’re going to be here for the next four years.” As being a participant as this school for four years, I have learned a few things about surviving high school. From a graduating senior to a blooming freshman, here is my advice to you…

First Day

This is the most important day of your high school career, no pressure. But really, don’t stress, it’s not that important. So don’t worry, but at the same time, make a good impression.

Why don’t you use this as an opportunity to go shopping for new clothes or to build up a new wardrobe? And remember, don’t feel like you have to change yourself too much during the transition from middle school to high school (unless you need to reinvent yourself, then go ahead).

Buy your school supplies the day after the first day of school because your teachers will often give you a list of things you need on the first day of school.

You also might notice that all the clocks are a little bit off, that’s something we like to call “Nashoba Time.” All the clocks tell a different time and we always run two minutes later than the rest of the world. Relax and take a deep breath, it’s not that big of a deal, everyone is just as nervous as you are.

Advice About Upperclassmen

Being a freshman and new to the school, it’s fairly common for you to be afraid or intimidated by the upperclassmen. Believe me, we aren’t as scary as we seem… and trust me, we don’t bite. Truth is, some of us are more immature than you (sad but true), but the most important thing, out of everything you learn here at Nashoba, is to walk on the right side of the halls. Stay on your side of the hall and no one will get hurt.


Okay, first off, skipping class to go to Chipotle is not worth three detentions. In fact, skipping class to go anywhere is not worth three detentions. At the beginning of the year, choose your classes wisely and get all of your required classes out of the way ASAP. Don’t worry, if you need to you can always change them later. Also, you only have four minutes in between classes and each and every one of you are assigned a locker: so use them, #savetheback.


Make new friends. Make friends in your classes, join clubs or sports to make a friend ( and joining clubs and sports looks great on your college resume). It’s okay to have friends from other friend groups, diversity is okay too. Branch out from your middle school friends and don’t feel obligated to be friends with people you have known since kindergarten.

Drama is never fun: don’t start it, and try to avoid it at all costs, like the plague. Rumors only happen if you spread them, SO DON’T. It’s not worth it, trust me. Don’t worry too much, no one will remember the little things you do, so don’t sweat it.


STUDY STUDY STUDY! I cannot emphasize that enough. My dad used to say to me, “this is high school, you are now on the clock.” Looking back, I wish I would have listened to him. Some people might think that studying is for losers, but trust me when I say this, in ten years, when you’re successful and they’re not, you’re going to be thanking me.

Flashcards will be your best friend throughout these four years, so buy them in bulk. You are required to have a midterm and a final, so don’t forget everything and keep important papers and handouts. But, at the same time, don’t stress, it won’t change your grade dramatically if you don’t do well and it’s not the end of the world.

And remember: it’s only four years of your life and it will go by within a blink of an eye, so make the best of it.