Let the Bubble Games Begin


Victoria Tuttle, Contributor

Slip on your bubble suit and grab your sneakers Nashoba, bubble soccer is here.

Nashoba always knows how to have fun and be creative. This time it’s with soccer. May 8th is the day where many teams will come together and play a bouncy, competitive game of soccer. Why bouncy? This year, participants will put on a bubble ball which makes it very hard to move around. Their arms will be trapped inside the bubble and it will cover their whole waist. The creative idea came from Mrs. Doyle and Senior Lucas Delisle. Mrs.  Doyle, one day, was looking up something fun for the seniors and saw advertisements on bubble soccer. She approached Ms. Rich with the idea and Lucas came to Ms. Rich with the same idea. Doyle liked how it was a unique idea, and instead of having a soccer game it can be bigger and better.

The tournament is being held on the turf field under the lights from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. next Friday. Having sixteen teams is a big turn out. Each team is made up of five people. There is one game elimination so each team has to play hard because if they lose one they are out of the tournament. Playing with the bubble ball will be harder and the rules will be different than regular soccer. Mrs. Doyle says, “Players cannot target other players,” meaning the players cannot “lay out” other players. The bubble is enclosed and is very well impacted, but Doyle says there will be lots of action so players need to expect to get hit.

Even though students can get very competitive and strive for a win, the nice thing about this tournament is that they don’t need skill. All that students need to do is run and kick the ball into the net and try not to get bumped around too much. There are some big expectations like having tons of fans watching the games, so there will be music playing, and the snack shack will be open for food. Also, the best announcer will be on the loud speaker: Mr. Griffith. It will be fun for both the players and the fans.

Teams are set and are preparing for the games. Mrs. Doyle says since players are in balls, most of the team names have incorporated the word ball in an interesting way to the name: Wrecking ball, Ball of fury, Cheese Balls, Bubble butts. Olivia Perkins, who is playing on the Cheese ball team, says she is excited and wants to do well and get hit a lot. The winner of this tournament will win the bubble soccer trophy. Get pumped for bubble soccer, Nashoba.