Best Buddies Prom 2015


On Friday, April 10th, from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. the Nashoba Best Buddies held an incredible Disney-Themed Prom at the Portuguese Club in. There was a Mickey Mouse shaped structure that held lollipops and a cake that displayed the Disney logo as well as Mickey Mouse. All grades were invited and over 100 students attended. “The ball went above and beyond my expectations, we had a great turnout, and everyone had a blast,” said the Best Buddies President, Beth Senior.

 Even the buddies, including Gwen, Cassie, Aaron, and Zach loved the ball and were asked if they enjoyed themselves and if they will go again next year. All of their responses were a big “YES!”

The Best Buddies Prom has been a Nashoba tradition for several years, but other schools in Massachusetts hold their own Best Buddies proms as well. Best Buddies Massachusetts also held two proms of their own. However, while the ball is put on by Nashoba, other schools were welcomed to attend. Students from Acton-Boxborough and Littleton went to the ball and had a great time.

 The dance floor was packed and flooding with energy while everyone danced and sang along to some well known Disney classics, such as hits from “The Lion King,” “The Little Mermaid,” and many other movies. At the end of the night, each buddy got a personal award for their success throughout the year and Jackie Cannon was announced as next year’s Best Buddies president.

As the attendance of the annual ball continues to increase over the years, the Best Buddies Prom is always a success for Nashoba, don’t miss out next year!