Wanna Pay for a Murderer’s Next Meal?

Wanna Pay for a Murderers Next Meal?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been proven guilty on thirty counts pertaining to the Boston Bombing back in April 2013. With the jury back in session, they now get to decide the bomber’s fate. Does he die, or does he spend his life in prison? Who knows. At this point, a decision is not even a twinkle in a juror’s eye.

Both punishments, however, have their share of pros and cons.

The first option: death by lethal injection. His demise determined by a group of twelve people who probably went into this, despite what their tests may have proven, “knowing” that Tsarnaev committed these heinous crimes and needs to pay for his actions. Sure he’d be dead, but has he really paid his dues? Were all the victims and their families served the justice they deserved? Heck no. Death is way way waaaayyyy too easy. It’s basically a flaw in the justice system. An eye for an eye, as Hammurabi once said.

The second option: life in prison. He’d spend the rest of his life with convicts that for some reason still have enough heart to discriminate sexual offenders and those who have killed a kid. Warms your heart, doesn’t it? So in Tsarnaev’s case, he could be beaten to a pulp and left for dead, considering he killed a child. Which, yeah, serves him a bit of justice, but don’t forget, Massachusetts tax payers fund that. It’s kinda like the tax payers hired a hit man or multiple in this case, in a sick and twisted sense. Yup. Your tax dollars would go into keeping this animal alive and also keep the inmates that are beating him up alive. Whoopdeedoo.

The justice system always finds a way for you to lose. ‘Merica.