Center School’s Clubhouse News is Up and Running


Hannah Feakes, Editor

The new Center School building has been fully functioning for almost three years now, but there is still something missing; a newspaper. A group of fourteen students, headed by teacher Laura Dwyer, meet each Tuesday and Thursday to discuss new article ideas and interview strategies. You guessed it, Center School is in the process of creating their own newspaper; The Club House News.

Their mission is to learn, understand, and create an Extended Learning Program newspaper called The Club House News.

Dywer says, “The idea of starting a newspaper was conceived from the students interest in ways to share information with parents and community members. I also have facilitated other Newspaper Clubs and the experience was very beneficial for the students as far as expanding their reading, writing and research skills. The club also allows students to reach into the school and community for their stories and research.”

She continues, “The students will feel fulfilled and connected when they publish their newspaper. They also are incorporating extensive amounts of technology by using Google Docs to share and collaborate through the computer lab and Chrome Books.”

Second Grade contributor Ishaan Adhikary says, “Well, because I am interested in doing everything, I want to be the best at what I do. I am glad I signed up for this newspaper club to practice my skills.” “Being able to do research, use Google Docs and type are my favorite part of this club, and I cannot wait until the first paper is finished and published.”

All of the faculty at Center School are on board with this idea. Principle Kevin LaCoste says, ” I am very excited to hear that we will have a Center School Newspaper.  Our school is so big and there are so many excellent events happening that I believe something like this will help to inform other students.  The newspaper will undoubtedly bring us together as a school community.  I see it as an extension to our All School Meetings.”

Along with the Center School faculty, local business are supporting this new club. Christine Casatelli, an educational consultant from the Boston Globe, came in to talk with the students and share her knowledge about starting and maintaining a successful newspaper. Third grader, Ali Saunders, comments on her visit. “Christine taught us about the format and how to set it up. She definitely helped us figure out what steps we needed to take.”

Each student is responsible for a different topic, including sports, politics, and local stories. Editor in Chief, Charlie, oversees all activity and focuses on video game stories. He says, “I really like being editor and making the rules; people listen to me.” He continues, ” I hope The Club House News continues after we are gone, because it is really exciting to be part of something so big.”

According to Dywer, the first copy of The Club House News is scheduled to come out in May. There is also an online version that will be updated regularly starting next year.

She says, “The experience has been long, but totally rewarding for all involved; however I think will we probably just get one edition out in May and then start up the club again next year with the hope of releasing more online and hard copy issues. The dedication and perseverance of the students is to be commended!”

Be sure to support The Club House News by grabbing a copy in the main office of Center School and by checking out the variety of articles online.