Peter Pan Flies into Town


Lish Ventura, Correspondent

Another monumental production hit Nashoba’s auditorium this past weekend, leaving the auditorium full to the brim. With it’s endless hilarity and wistful nostalgia, Peter Pan made even the oldest of adults feel the need to “never grow up” and made them believe in fairies.

Even though DECA occupied some of the teachers and students last weekend, every single night sold out; they had to add seats and made little kids sit on laps to accommodate for more seating. Some people were even turned away from seeing the fabulous production.

Children smiled in their seats when they saw Peter Pan (played by Lyndsey Hawkes), Wendy (played by Kelly Ryan), Michael (played by Zach Stepp), and John (played by Danny Nagle) fly around the stage in the song “I’m Flying”. They had a limited time to learn how to maintain balance and stay in character, but the audience could never tell. All of the flyers made it seem effortless, and they all had smiles on their faces.

Other shining moments were the Evil Captain Hook (played by Sam Keith) and his assistant Smee’s (played by Tyler Plaskon) chemistry. Their lovely tango and other fabulous scenes left the audience laughing in their seats. The lead Indian, Tiger Lily (played by Alexa Choquette), danced her way across the stage, surprising the audience with her unbelievable talent.

Considering the amount of rehearsals missed, and less tech rehearsals than normal, the actors of this production went above and beyond what they asked. Characters were developed in a short amount of time, and were portrayed on stage beautifully by all of the actors.

Congratulations on a wonderful show!