Stop Homework over Breaks

Stop Homework over Breaks

Clare McNamara, Contributor

A break is a break; it is time off from stress, homework, and school. So why do teachers assign papers, projects and loads of notes over vacation? No student will work harder because they have more time. Kids will procrastinate until the end of break and stay up all night on Sunday completing their assignments. It’s not our fault; it’s who we are.

Whenever a break is approaching I am always skeptical as to what homework may be assigned and how quickly I’ll get it done. I usually have a history project, an English paper,  and piles of worksheets for other classes. Why do teachers think this is acceptable for a break?! Kids travel, they spend time with family, and most importantly, get some sleep!

Teachers, take a hint. Our work will not be better, we will not accomplish what you wish we would, and in the end, we probably won’t understand what you are asking from us.

I get it, you need to keep pace in order to get all the curriculum in, however, assigning work when no one is motivated to do it is not teaching. Teaching is being there to help the student understand so they can grow up to be successful, not to ruin their breaks.

Several students at Nashoba expressed their feelings about homework over break and they all thought it was unnecessary.  , “It is completely unnecessary,” Ihsan Mulyono explained. “Break is where we are supposed to enjoy ourselves”. Duncan Wilgress Pipe said, “ I don’t think there should be assignments over break.” Clearly, students hate the overload of homework on their vacations. Students who go away on breaks find it disrupts their family time and puts a damper on the vacation.

Many students also have said if they were given the choice between doing homework over break or a school week, they would  prefer the school week. When student Ashley Masse was asked what she preferred, she expressed, “Definitely in the school week, because when it’s over break, it’s like, you’re on a break and you don’t want to do homework.”

Well teachers, there you have it! You are torturing your lovely students by depriving them of their relaxation and happiness. Take a break yourself, less homework means less grading. Take away all the homework if it makes you happier and your lives more open. Just stop assigning homework over my vacation!

Picture Courtesy of College Insider