Going to Your Locker in Between Classes; Lets Make it a Reality

Casey Hallberg, Contributor

Have you ever been late to class because you were asking your friend a question, or going to their locker to borrow a calculator? Almost everyone has. With only four minutes between each class, there’s hardly enough time to do much of anything. I’m not saying we should have ten minutes between each class, but an extra minute or two wouldn’t hurt.

And Nashoba isn’t the only offender when it comes to not having enough class travel time. Suzy Reep, from Acton Boxborough, explains, “We have five minutes between each class, but I don’t even go to my locker because it’s still not enough time.”And Ellie Kilkenny, from the Maynard High School, says, “Our school has three minutes and we practically have to run to get to the next class, especially if you’re going from one side of the building to the other.” If you have gym, and you need to get to your history class, you’re going to have to run, and don’t even think about stopping at your locker.

Class breaks should be long enough to go to your locker, ask how your friend’s day was, and get to your next class. Right now, I do this, and I never arrive to class on time. Because of this, I currently have nine tardies for this quarter. Nine tardies! And they are all from being late to class during the day. Just ask my history teacher; I can’t remember the last time I got there before the bell rung. Thankfully, sometimes she cuts me some slack and doesn’t mark me tardy, but that doesn’t mean I got there on time.

I understand why Dr. Graham doesn’t want to make the breaks any longer, because it would take away from class time. But, you can’t keep giving out detentions for tardies the time allotted is so short. Personally, I think we should amp up the breaks to a good 5 minutes. Maybe I’d finally show up to history on time.