Nashoba Pet Peeves

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Kelly Ryan, Correspondent

Does something ever happen around you that ticks you off? Something so minuscule that sends you over the edge every time you witness it? Pet peeves; things that are especially annoying.

Here at Nashoba, it seems that lots of people know how to get on each others last nerve.

So, here are a few things that are particularly bothersome:

1) People’s inability to walk through doors correctly. This is a school, so there are these magical things called double- doors. For those of you who aren’t aware (because obviously most of you aren’t) these doors are intended to send people walking through them in TWO DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. One side is for people going one way AND THE OTHER SIDE IS FOR PEOPLE GOING THE OTHER WAY. For God’s sake, people… if you’re going up the stairs and through the double-doors, STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE. If you’re going through the doors to go down the stairs, DON’T WALK THROUGH THE SAME SIDE OF THE DOUBLE DOORS AS THE PEOPLE GOING THE OPPOSITE WAY. Is it really that difficult? Single doors aren’t made for two people to walk through at the same time. That’s why we have DOUBLE doors.

2) Parking. As far as I know, a good parking job means you’ve parked between the designated white lines, am I right? You wouldn’t be able to tell, if you took a nice walk around Nashoba’s student parking lot, that that rule existed. Students here have a tendency to not care whether or not they’re between the lines. In fact, some people even make their own parking spots, COMPLETELY disregarding the fact that if they park in SELF- MADE places, they could be inhibiting other people’s ability to back out of REAL spots. But, who cares right? No one else needs to park, or back out, or open their driver side door without denting their side view mirror, right? NO.

3) I’m all for socializing at school. However, there is absolutely no reason to CLUSTER right smack in the middle of the hallway before school and between classes. Other people are trying to get to class, you know. Those clusters slow down hallway traffic and make people mad. MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!

4) Backpacks. Yes, this is a school. We all need a backpack of some sort, but is it necessary to wear it around to EVERY SINGLE CLASS? Or to have it on your back when you’re walking up the stairs? Stop half way up the stair case and you knock the person behind you off their feet. Those things are like wrecking balls. Turn the corner and BAM! You’re taken out by a huge backpack that weighs more than the person wearing it. And don’t even get me started on rolling backpacks. We have lockers for a reason, people. Choose not to use them? Send me an x-ray of your spine in ten years and we’ll see if you wished you got rid of that honkin’ thing after the first week of freshman year.

5) Having access to WiFi at this school is almost counterproductive considering the amount of sites that are blocked. Facebook, Netflix, Snapchat… the list goes on. We’re high schoolers now, we don’t need to be restricted from the same sites as elementary and middle school kids.

6) Transitioning from class to class is hard enough to do on time, but when you get stuck behind a HORIZONTAL (emphasis on the horizontal NOT single file) line of girls, either engaged in their own gossip or scrolling through Twitter and are too preoccupied to move out of the way, it is beyond annoying. Our hallways are narrow, and unfortunately, I can’t fly over people or teleport around them. Certain students make it virtually impossible to even pass them because they stretch across the whole darn hallway. Again, people… Go about your business, make a direct route, walk faster and STOP DILLY DALLYING.

Moral of the story? Nashoba has some extremely annoying qualities.









When people walk in groups but they walk in a horizontal line instead of single file