NGB 2015 Comes to an End


The recent gossip floating around Nashoba halls is how well the girls basketball team played for their 2014-2015 season.

Not only did the players portray incredible teamwork and sportsmanship, but their almost undefeated record kept the stands packed and the fans cheering. Senior fan, Alexis Shamsi says, “The fan base for girls basketball has grown tremendously this year; most games would have a huge fan section cheering on the team. It was awesome!” She continues, “The team played great, the games were intense and the crowd was always super into the games.”

February 25th was the first playoff game of the season. The girls walked onto the court ready to play. Senior Kelly Poole scored the first basket of the game followed by superstar Nikkiah Snoddy. “1000 point hero”, Erin Cressman comes in next with the third basket.

By the end of the first quarter, the Chieftains had a significant lead with a score of 20-9. Freshman player, Sarah Gilooli and Junior Kevyn Green were once again all over the court, making stellar passes and outstanding assists.

At halftime, the score was 44-20 with the Chieftains in the lead. Senior Nicole Boucher had possession of the ball, passed to Cressman, Medway player goes down, Cressman dunks the ball before helping her opponent up.

A few minutes into the third quarter, Senior Jaque Manyak enters the game and the crowd goes wild! Manyak has two foul shot and makes both of them, bumping the chieftains up even further.

NGB clinches the game with a final score of 74-44.

The girls played their second playoff game Sunday, March 1st at WPI. Unfortunately the Chieftains lost to Medfield with a final score of 60- 34. Nashoba Girls Basketball played an incredible season and walked away with dignity. The final record for NGB’s 2015 season was 21-1.