The Next Big Thing is Here


Hannah Feakes and Kelly Ryan

Three year old company trio is launching a new app Wednesday, March 4. Looking for an entertaining video app that has the potential to be the next Instagram? Well, trio would be perfect for you!

“trio” is an app that allows the user to gather a group of videos to create a mashup. It is similar to Instagram, but functions more like a Tumbler or a Pinterest.

Users have the ability to remix other people’s videos into their own. Gifs, music and photos can also be added to the mashups. Users can find their special niche, using remixes to express themselves in “a mainstream art form for communication.”

Worried about copyright? No need to fear! “trio” automatically embeds links into your mashed up video to give credit to the original creator. These links bring viewers to the original source and according to the company, more than 35% of people who go to these links end up buying the video or music.


One may be asking, how is “trio” different from the other bajillion photo-video apps already out there? CEO of trio (who also has a track record of being a MIT Rocket Scientist), Misha Leybovich, has an answer and gives insight into the new app.Trio founders - Misha Leybovich (CEO) and Clay Garrett (CTO) He says, “Virtually every other app is about using your own Camera Roll assets, which means you need to be pretty regularly having baller adventures. By making the world of third party assets easily available, we unbundle the ability of making awesome content anytime from the requirement of doing awesome activities every time.”

“trio” can benefit your social media in numerous ways. With this new app, users will have the ability to tell authentic stories while collaborating with other socialites.