Isis Terror

Victoria Tuttle, Contributor

Horror has struck internationally now in Cairo with the release of a grotesque video furnished by the Islamic state. A video was released on February 15, 2015 and appears to show twenty-one Christians kneeling on the beach. These Christians were all beheaded by Isis fighters, but the question has been raised as to its authenticity. Experts took time to analyze this video as it went viral. The Florida based Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium contends there are “many production anomalies” in the video with the editorial director of the institute, “the Islamic State’s manipulation of their high-production videos has become commonplace.”(Fox News)

 The video which shows all twenty-one men kneeling is the one that researchers are questioning because the background does not show waves moving. The waves can only be heard and not seen; the experts think it was a green screen behind the people.

In addition, the Isis militants standing next to the Christians and the men in black appear to be 7 feet tall towering over the men in orange.  There was two big footprints in the sand. Fox news states neither of the footprints can be of the hostages or the hostage takers. The reason for the Isis group to be doing this is primarily for political reasons. Their goals are to get as many people’s attentions as possible to show how powerful they are. These beheadings have proven to do so.

Photo Courtesy of Fox News