Neil Patrick Harris Makes The 2015 Oscars a Snooze-a-rama?


The 2015 Oscar Awards was no crowd pleaser; the audience was not impressed.

Many blamed Neil Patrick Harris for being a dull host. After last year’s buzzing success with Ellen Degeneres, viewers expected this year’s show to be even better. especially because of Neil Patrick Harris’ immense talent, however, it proved to be disappointing. Even Harris himself found it difficult to please the crowd., as several media sources backstage reported that he was growing frustrating when the audience lacked charisma.

“The Neil Patrick Harris-hosted Academy Awards were a mind-numbing bore, a bloated show filled with too many awards, way too many songs, too many commercials and an awkward running bit from the host that took a lot of time but never paid off,” says Chris Chase, reporter from USA Today.

Harris attempted to entertain by singing, dancing, and even coming out in his underwear! However, he stumbled on the names of some presenters. Viewers seemed think he was unprepared.

To many people, the host of an event like the Oscars can make or break the whole show. With a strong opening number, some thought Harris would really “wow” the audience. He failed to do so and many found his jokes cheesy.

Many people say that the Oscars will get worse and worse as years go by, but it is all a matter of opinion. Overall, viewers of all ages were bored with his exhausted material stretching over three hours.