Florida Adolescent Becomes Victim of Attempted Murder by Crowbar


Madison Richard, Contributor

On Thursday, February 19, 2015, three teenagers from the Satellite Beach and Indialantic areas of Florida were arrested for attempting to murder fellow student, Daniel Vukovich (17). Vukovich was put in a critical state after the three students, Jessie Umberger (18), Rebecca Gotay (18), and Dylan Thomas (17), beat Vukovich with a crowbar. According to My News 13, Vukovich “allegedly stole marijuana and smoking paraphernalia that belonged to Thomas and Umberger, who became enraged,” causing the trio to attack Daniel Vukovich.

Vukovich was reportedly discovered by his mother in their driveway after the attack at approximately 7 A.M. and  is currently at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida. The victim remains in a critical condition, but was not shot as other news sources had previously reported.

According to the Florida Today, Umberger and Gotay are being held “without bond,” at the Brevard County Jail in Sharpes and Thomas, is being held in juvenile custody. Investigator Tod Goodyear proclaimed that none of the criminals were living at home with their parents when they were arrested.

According to local police, Gotay drove the vehicle to Vukovich’s house and Thomas was reported to be the one who actually attacked Vukovich by continually beating him with the crowbar. The attackers are being criminally charged with attempted first-degree murder. Umberger and Gotay have a scheduled trial in Viera on March 26, 2015.