Hold the Snow Please!


Snow, snow go away come again another day. Although the sun is shining and the hallways of Nashoba are flooded with natural light and heat, don’t be fooled and don’t put your winter parka away just yet.

The infamous “Winter of 2k15” came with a gust of wind and knocked the entire East Coast off their feet and Boston was hit the worst. With just over one hundred inches of snow on the ground (more than double the average for Boston), the city is looking for new and efficient snow removal strategies.

The newest problem for Boston is that the space for dumping snow is running out and lots are being filled. Also, due to the harsh weather conditions, the T in Boston has been frozen for weeks and is just now starting to move again. What does that mean exactly? It means many businessmen are not getting into work and are unfortunately losing money.

Local, small businesses have been hurting due to the weather as well. When schools get cancelled because of extreme cold or large amounts of snow, clients (who are parents of students) simply cannot make the treacherous drive.

According to Boston Magazine, the winter storms are wreaking havoc on Boston’s restaurant industry. Chef Tony Maws (Kirkland Tap & Trotter, Craigie on Main) says,  “We’ve always tried to stay open, from the beginning, just to serve our community and our neighborhood.” As stated in the article, Maws has resorted to housing staff members in nearby hotels while offering cut-rate tasting menus and discounted bar bites at his two popular, high-profile establishments. “As much as I’m a proud New Englander and happy to see everyone outside skating and playing hockey, there’s a part of me that’s going bats**t crazy,” he says (Boston).

Restaurants and businesses are not the only facilities being affected however, and as the snow piles up, schools continue to close. As a result, some school districts have resorted to taking away April vacation to keep in line with the required number of school days.

Although the snow has taken over New England, April is right around the corner. Keep your heads up Chieftains, warmer weather is on the rise.