The Resounding Question: Boston 2024?

The Resounding Question: Boston 2024?

Emily Doran, Correspondent

Word on the street in Boston is the 2024 Summer Olympic Bid. The world-wide sporting extravaganza could potentially make it to Boston in less than 10 years. Cool stuff, right? On one end of the spectrum, it sounds like an incredible idea; the best athletes from around the world within proximity. It would create a great reputation for the city of Boston. But on the other end, it sounds like an awesome idea, but at what cost?

Having the Summer Olympics in Boston would leave an unforgettable legacy for this city. The immense support coming from citizens is overwhelming. Websites are dedicated to promote the bid and gain a following to bring the Olympics to Boston. Attending the Summer Olympics would be a great story to tell your grandkids. With the locations of the Olympic venues expanding from the Athlete’s Village at UMass Boston to the grand Olympic Stadium in Widett Circle, the Olympics would take over Boston creating even the most sports-deprived person into one of the games’ biggest fans.

On the other hand, hosting the Olympics would be costly and require hard labor. Building, renovating, not to mention the T is in shambles. Traffic would be impeccably dreadful. And especially with not everyone driving one of those fancy hybrid Prius’, the pollution could inevitably deteriorate your lungs tissue by tissue. And guess where those dollars are gonna come from? That’s right. Your tax-paying pocket. How appealing do they sound now? Is it even worth it? It sounds like an awesome idea, but honestly it might be time to stop tuning in to all the hype and propaganda of the essence of hosting the Olympics in Boston.

Unless you’re willing to pay an astounding amount of your income, it’s your call.