The “Zen” ASC

The ASC stands for the Academic Support Center. But what does that phrase mean? And who is in charge of this place at Nashoba?

If a student at Nashoba has ever needed to make up a test, they were probably told to head right on up to the ASC during one of their free periods. If a student needs a peer tutor, the ASC has peer tutor applications. If a student needs a quiet and relaxing place to study, the ASC has zen gardens and water fountains. And what makes the ASC the best of all? The woman behind it.

Mrs. Hamlin has been working in the Nashoba Regional School District at Florence Sawyer School, Center & Pompositticut Schools and Hale Middle School for fifteen years, and has been working at our high school for six years. Since she came to Nashoba, she has been running the ASC and its operations.

The ASC is where students with 504’s and other plans go to take tests and quizzes, or if a student has missed a collection of school days, they will spend a large amount of time there making up work. Student learners and peer tutors fill out applications pertaining to the subject needed tutoring in, or the subject they would like to tutor. As of right now, Mrs. Hamlin has forty two peer tutors supporting forty seven student learners. Located in the back right corner of the media center, it is easily accessed for students to have a quiet place to study. Mrs. Hamlin also makes it easy to walk in, so students feel calm and confident.

“I love the ASC because Mrs. Hamlin is here,” sophomore Nick Mellis claims.

NEASC Indicator #3 reflects the feeling of students and how Mrs. Hamlin cares about them. The indicator states, “There is a formal, ongoing program through which each student has an adult in the school, in addition to the school counselor, who knows the student well and assists the student in achieving the school’s 21st century learning expectations.” Students’ opinions about Mrs. Hamlin all echo this statement.

“Mrs. Hamlin is very relatable,” junior Alexis Ventura says. “She sends out a calming vibe to students and teachers.”

“She is one of the only teachers I feel calm around,” an anonymous sophomore states.

The ASC offers a variety of calming aspects and stress relievers to make students feel less stressed about school and their lives. One of these stress relievers is her tea chart. From soothing a stomach ache using peppermint tea to lowering blood pressure with hibiscus tea, the tea chart lets students relax.

“This is your home away from home,” Mrs. Hamlin declares about the ASC. “From borrowing a text book to a sewing a stray button on, the ASC always has your back.”

The ASC interprets the ICARE mission statement on the whiteboard in Mrs. Hamlin’s room. It states:

IntegrityWe submit our own work.

“We value the ASC so much that we would never risk our privileges here by abusing this,” Mrs. Hamlin explains.

Communicate with one another and stay organized.

Students often collaborate on work and help one another stay on top of their school life.

Achievegoals by focusing on work.

Students achieve goals by getting their work done and socialize after.

Relate to each other by facing school and it’s challenges together.

The ASC offers stress relieving exercises, and Mrs. Hamlin is always someone to relate to when problems occur.

Engage in work and help each other.

Students come for peer tutoring to communicate with one another and help each other out.

So there is no need to worry about school anymore; Mrs. Hamlin is always here to create a calming, quiet, and stress-free environment for students and teachers at Nashoba.