Seniors Emerge Victorious in Class Plays

On January 9th, Nashoba held it’s annual class play competition. Each class had a short amount of time to cast, rehearse, direct, and perform a play of their choosing. Nashoba’s own teachers came to the show in order to act as judges and to fill out rubrics for each group.

This year, all grades chose an already written play instead of writing their own. Each group received a script and practiced after school for about two weeks prior to the performance. Over winter break, several of the groups got together to perfect their execution.

When the night of the show arrived, the sophomore’s came first, portraying the play a “Roommate Simulator for College”,  a compiled group of worse case scenarios.

“It was entertaining, but nerve wracking thinking about that actually happening when I go to college,” Junior, Julia Barshak stated about the play, “Despite that, I found myself laughing the entire time.”

The Seniors, and one of the favorites, surprised everyone by doing an unpredictable array of events consisting of evil cat hair coming to life.

“It was pretty bizarre,” Freshmen Sarah Doran commented, “But bizarre is good. I guess that’s what class plays are all about.”

Ninth graders followed by performing a play titled “Check Please”,  a play about the difficulties that exist when one goes on a blind date.

The Juniors followed that up with a sarcastic and humorous twist on the censorship and monitoring of today. Their performance was called “The Least Offensive Play in the Whole World”, where they had scenes based on inappropriate content that was basically altered to be understood by a kindergartener so it wasn’t found offensive.

The night came to an end when Seniors were announced the winner, but only one point ahead of the Juniors. Apparently, a good amount of teachers were quite split between all the grades and which ones were better since the acting was so entertaining.

Class plays proved Nashoba has an exceptional supply of rising stars in the drama department.