Chromebooks Taking Over Nashoba

Chromebooks Taking Over Nashoba

Emily Doran, Correspondent

It’s safe to say that every Nashoba student is familiar with the multifaceted addition to the high school’s technology known as the Chromebook. Google in the classroom could be a new technological revolution in the classroom. So what impact does the Chromebook have on Nashoba? What are the pros and cons of these tiny little laptops taking over?

Microsoft has been putting big bucks on their claim to fame in school systems. And, with more to offer with a similar price to the Chromebook, they could very well be a better option.

The Chromebooks only capabilities are to surf the web and use web apps. All that for a hefty $200 on the cheapest model. Talk about a bang for your buck. On the other hand, the same Acer model from Microsoft not only includes the two features the Chromebook has, but it allows all the Microsoft Office apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. These laptops also allows compatibility with almost any printer, while the Chromebook only connects to Google Cloud print-ready printers. With all these features, the Microsoft model only costs $40 more.

However, despite the lack of features Chromebooks have, they add another technology level to Nashoba.

Ms. Rocha, an English teacher at Nashoba, uses Chromebooks in her classroom quite often. She explained how they help her and teaching.

“I think they help a lot with things such as reading because we don’t have enough computer labs,” she continues, “Ideally it would be awesome if we had more computer labs and more apps we could use [on the Chromebooks]. I try to use them whenever possible so that [other teachers] don’t have to fight for lab time.”

Chromebooks have easily become a part of enhancing Nashoba’s curriculum. They help initiate the learning process and allow students to involve themselves in hands-on class work. Chromebooks could take over classrooms with ease and eventually become a part of a students everyday routine. Chromebooks could be the start of a new technological revolution.