Lyndsey Hawkes: Performer, Singer, Student, Friend … Shaw’s Employee?


Kelly Ryan , Correspondent

Lyndsey Hawkes; whose simplest character is a Senior at Nashoba, but that is certainly not the only she has had.

To start, Lyndsey has established herself as an unbelievable performer. She has been a part of a handful of productions here at school, as well as outside of Nashoba.

Numerous thespians have played the parts of Peter Pan, Madame Thenardier, Paulette and Chip, but only one girl known to have played them all, and that’s Lyndsey. As if being a star on the stage isn’t enough, Lyndsey also holds the Co-President position for Nashoba’s Drama Society, alongside Lish Ventura.

One of Lyndsey’s most prominent roles in a production was Paulette in Legally Blonde, a show she participated in outside of school.

Theater is one of Lyndsey’s passions, which is connected to her love of singing. She is a member of two choral groups at Nashoba: Broadway Women’s Ensemble, as well as Madrigal/Jazz Choir. Last year, Lyndsey took the time to assistant direct a Youth Choir in Hudson; a group she has been a part of for ten years.

Lyndsey has recently been accepted to Clark University, where she plans to attend college in the fall. She is interested in pursuing her career in theater, double majoring in both that and Psychology.

“I am the founder and director of the good young movement which is an organization that does random acts of kindness in our community,” Hawkes explains.

Recently, the Good Young Movement took the time to write positive, inspiring messages on sticky notes and stuck them to student’s lockers. Lyndsey’s goal is to create a loving, uplifting community amidst the negativity at school.

Following the Yik Yak controversy Nashoba faced back in the fall, Lyndsey and her group decorated the courtyard outside of the cafeteria with chalk, writing things like “End the Yak.”

Lyndsey isn’t just defined by the positions she holds or the roles she plays. She is an all around great girl. She has tons of friends who can’t say enough about her.

“Well, I’ve known Lyndsey since freshman year and man, if you need a friend, she is the one to go to. She is just top of the top, best person I know. Always there for you if you need her, very talented, let me say. She is actually the lead in the musical this year, if you didn’t know: Peter in Peter Pan. I think she’s earned it, I think she’s earned a lot,” says Tyler Plaskon, a fellow chorus singer and drama member, but also one of Lyndsey’s close friends.

Marianna Sardella has known Lyndsey since she was little, and has confided in her ever since she can remember.

“So, Lyndsey is like a sister to me. She’s really respectful and kind and she’s always been really nice to me, ever since I was really young in middle school, she’s always respected me, even though I wasn’t the most popular person, she’s always been there for me. And she’s really funny too,” Sardella says.

“I have a lot on my plate,” Lyndsey says. But she pulls it off, and she does an amazing job with every obstacle that may stand in her way. I wish Lyndsey the best of luck with the rest of Senior Year, her performance as Peter Pan, college, and everything she does down the road. You’re an inspiration to us all, Lynds.