Nashoba DECA is States bound

Nashoba DECA is States bound

This year’s DECA Districts competition went swimmingly well, resulting in over thirty members advancing to states. The students arrived at the Radisson Hotel in Chelmsford and were organized by single and group events.

After waiting various times for presentation blocks to come up, members were escorted to the testing rooms to give their presentations.

Following the presentations was a buffet style lunch and a strobe light dance to distract the students while the scores were tallied.

At the end of the day when everyone was tired and bored, the students and chaperones were rounded up and brought to yet another room where the winners were announced.

By the end of the competition, thirty-five Nashoba DECA members were chosen as winners from Districts and will be going to states.

“States is always a fun time for the kids.  We work really hard to get to that level and there are a lot of nervous kids the night before the competition begins. We attend the awards ceremony the next morning where people find out if they move on to Nationals. Groups need to finish in the top 4 in their category to qualify for Nationals,” says DECA advisor Mr. A.

These are the results of the District Competition:

Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan

1st Place              Taylor Tambolleo, Kassidy Valliere, and Larissa Plishevsky

2nd Place            Lucas Delisle

3rd Place             Claire Wanamaker and Sidney Lowe

4th Place             Gabby Demeo

6th Place             Nick Tesini, Dan Kline and Tyler Hopkins

7th Place (tie)     Nikkiah Snoddy, Nicole Tomassi, and Spencer Schryver

7th Place (tie)     Amanda Miller, Kelly Ryan, and Alexandra Wilson


Entrepreneurship Written

4th Place               Morgan Vincent and Megan Joyce

6th Place               Richard Stamos and Jack Hurd


International Business Plan

2nd Place              John Vasington, Beth Senior, and Steven Jiang

3rd Place               Brooke Perisho, Brenden McMullen, and Egan Bachtell

5th Place               Sean Pokorney and Andrew Anderson

Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan

2nd Place              Matt Allaire and Kyle Tremblay

3rd Place               Eli Boots and Casey Elkins


Advertising Campaign

3rd Place                Rebecca Worden

5th Place                Nicole Boucher and Travis Macko

7th Place                Jack O’Connor


Quick Serve Restaurant Management

2nd Place              Jackalyne Laquidara


Principles of Finance

4th Place               Justin Livoli

When asked how he feels about the groups moving on to the next round, Mr. A said, “This year, we have more members attending and we have some excellent groups but there is no way to real way to gauge how many move on.  It all comes down to the presentations and how the judges decide to make their decisions.”

Along with the thirty-five students who placed in the district competition, there were another sixty Nashoba students who advanced directly to states. In total, Nashoba will be represented by ninety plus students in Boston this year. Congratulations and good luck in March!