Skip Midterms, Be a Gladiator


Right after the “most wonderful time of the year” comes the most stressful time of year for high school students and teachers across the country: MIDTERMS. Teachers cram what they can in the last two weeks before the semester ends, and suddenly students find themselves in a pile of work that they weren’t exactly expecting after their relaxing winter break. Some teachers give projects, most teachers give tests, and they are forced scramble to grade these assignments before grades close. Students are running on three hours of sleep and coffee in their hands, even though everyone tells them to “get your full eight hours” and “eat a healthy breakfast”,yet, still manage to maintain a good relationship with their friends and family.

Look, I know it’s a school rule, but SERIOUSLY our structure for handling this can be a lot better. Reviewing all of the material that’s been taught in class for a ten page test is ridiculous. Shouldn’t there be some sort of assessment for things taught in class? You know, like the TESTS THAT WE REGULARLY HAVE? Are these midterms simply an assessment given by administration for teachers, just to make sure that they are doing their job correctly? If so, they’re torturing both teachers and students.

I believe it should at least be spread out so you’re not cramming for it all at once. YES WE KNOW COLLEGE ISN’T LIKE THAT BUT COLLEGE IS STILL A LOT DIFFERENT THAN HIGH SCHOOL BECAUSE YOU HAVE A LOT MORE FREE TIME ON YOUR HANDS; GOSH STOP WITH THAT EXCUSE. That concept of “we’re preparing you for college” is just to stress out students more, because they have to pass that project or test for that ten percent of their final grade.

As Brittany Cormier would say, “Scratch the tests, slide in some gladiator tournaments. Whoever wins, you pass. Whoever is left, you are food for the lions (aka you go home in shame).”