The Ultimate Holiday Craft Idea


Emily Doran, Correspondent

Pinterest is amazing. The possibilities are inexplicably endless. Thousands of ideas, whether it be a recipe for that brownie sundae you’ve been dying to try, that absolutely gorgeous hairstyle you’ll have your hairdresser re-create for prom, or, more appropriate for the season, those clever holiday craft ideas.

Guys, don’t worry, even if you’re not the crafty type, this decoration won’t be a problem. It’s super easy, fun to make, and will definitely brighten up your holidays.

Think of the holiday season. You see snow, wreaths, that awful reminder of the amount of money you’re spending on what we like to call a receipt, (let’s just ignore that), and, of course, snowmen.

This idea has to be one of the most festive and utterly adorable trinkets to get in the holiday spirit; it’s a snowman mason jar that doubles as a candle and an adorable decoration.

Follow these next few steps, and you have the newest addition to your holiday-decoration collection:

What You’ll Need:

  • mason jar(s)
  • Frosty Snow© (fake snow flakes)
  • black buttons
  • Decou-Page glue
  • orange air dry clay
  • glue gun
  • sponge brush
  • tea light candle

Cost: $15-$20

Total Time: 15-20 minutes (If you include drying time, but really, who’s counting?)

Step One:

First start by grabbing some orange clay and shaping it into a carrot-shaped nose. Next, glue on two of the best black buttons out of the package for the eyes.

Step Two:

Now that you have the face in place, the next step is the snow! Start by dabbing your sponge brush into the Decou-Page and paint a thick, even coat along the whole jar. Don’t fret; the Decou-Page glue dries clear; if you get it on the snowman’s eyes or nose, they will not permanently be stained white.

Step Three:

Now, take some of your Frosty Snow© snowflakes and generously sprinkle them onto your snowman jar. (Tip: hold the jar over a plate so the extra flakes that don’t make it fall on the plate to re-use for your next project!)

Step Four:

Let  the glue dry and insert a holiday-scented tea light candle to enjoy your newest holiday decoration!