Trivia Crack Takes Nashoba by Storm


Haley Doyle and Rylee Gillen

As you look around the Nashoba cafeteria, you’ll notice the room seems more quiet than usual. There is the occasional “Yes!” or “Noooooo!” perhaps even the banging of fists on the table, but there is almost no conversation.

So what happened this past week that made the noise level go from eardrum-bursting to non-existent? The culprit is the crazy cool new app everyone seems to love: Trivia Crack.

The popular app, “Trivia Crack,” has taken over Nashoba, and students are very well addicted.

In the words of Junior Marykate Magliozzi: “It’s [so] addicting!”

The game, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store, allows users to play against a random opponent or challenge their Facebook friends to a duel in order to determine who is the most trivia-savvy.

There are many reasons that Nashoba students are jumping aboard the band wagon and allowing themselves to be sucked into this challenging, yet enjoyable app. The six different categories, History, Art, Science, Entertainment, Sports, and Geography are sure to test the player’s memory, as well as their common knowledge. The questions range from only-a-historian-would-know type of question, to a-baby-could-have-answered-this kind.

“Trivia Crack is so addicting. It has taken over my life and I feel like I always have to play it,” says Junior Brooke Perisho.

As many Trivia Crack gamers can attest, the new electronic plague has turned hard-working students into procrastinating, lazy teenagers. Students can’t even let their phone charge without having to open that app and see if they can have a chance at beating their unfortunate opponent.

Although students certainly are spending time that should be spent on homework, there are some aspects of Trivia Crack that may prove to be beneficial. The timed answer period, for example, which gives competitors exactly thirty seconds to choose an answer, promotes good test-taking skills. Likewise, process of elimination is often utilized in order to select the correct choice and secure a victory. Who knows, maybe over the next few years we’ll see an increase in SAT scores?

In a recent study, 100 students were surveyed to see if they knew about this up and coming app. Out of the 100 students, 75 of them knew about Trivia Crack. These statistics are impressive considering the game  has only been popular for about a week. Of those 75 students who were aware of the game, 54 of them have downloaded and regularly play this addictive activity.

“After one crack at it, I was hooked” jokes Junior Courtney Aylaian.

Even though there are many more students at Nashoba than the 100 that were surveyed, it is concluded that Trivia Crack is the most popular game at Nashoba and it will soon take over even the most unwilling teenager.

Many of the people interviewed  who don’t play Trivia Crack reasoned because of the negative side effects.

A players self-esteem can plummet after losing two or three games. There is also the very apparent time consuming aspect of it too. Students are spending less and less time on doing what is important because they can’t look away from the myriad of trivia questions.

“Its my escape from reality,” admits Junior Emilia Bernasconi.

“If I don’t play everyday, I go through withdrawals and my hands shake constantly.” states Junior Victor Lemus.

Trivia Crack has shown itself capable of taking over Nashoba student’s lives. Join the fun.