It Really Was “A Wonderful Life”

Lish Ventura, Correspondent

The Nashoba Drama Society kicked off the holiday season for hundreds of people this past weekend with their take on the play, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Quick costume changes and sets stunned the audience, and the maturity level of acting by student performers had the house genuinely impressed. From laughing at Uncle Billy’s drunkenness, to the heartfelt ending, it was always interesting watching the life of George Bailey. The two main angels, Hayley Giovinazzo and Meredith Brummer, were above the crowd in “heaven”, which created an ambiance unlike any other show that Nashoba has done before. Ryan Bonner, the angel sent to rescue George Bailey, was seated off stage for all of act one. Snow fell when George was going to commit suicide, and the floor split apart in the graduation dance, just like the movie.

Sam Keith was loved by the crowd due to his dazzling portrayal of George Bailey, making it incredibly easy for the the audience to relate to the character. The child-like character that Ryan Bonner played made the audience laugh and smile. Tyler Plaskon executed his role as a bitter old man brilliantly, making the audience hate his character, but in the best way possible. Kelly Ryan fit the role of the innocent house wife perfectly. This was one of Nashoba’s best performances yet.

For more pictures from “It’s a Wonderful Life”, curiosity of Ann DeCristofaro, check out her Flickr page