So Christmas Starts November 1st Now?


Kristen Nash

Halloween has ended, Christmas is just around the corner, and apparently so is Thanksgiving. There’s not even enough time to put away the costumes and bring out the turkey before we hear that familiar tune “Jingle Bells”.

I’m not one to bash on Christmas festivities, it is after all my favorite holiday. However, is it really necessary to start playing holiday advertisements the DAY after Halloween? It’s as if we close our eyes for a mere second and we’re decking the halls.

Christmas is always an exciting time, but can we at least wait until December? Fall is barely a season anymore because our impatient society rushes towards the winter holidays as with every other event in our lives. If we slowed down, maybe we’d actually enjoy ourselves.

Sitting down getting ready to watch a movie and being interrupted by a Target commercial based on Christmas is a little unnerving. How early are companies expecting parents to go Christmas shopping? I don’t know about you, but it sounds like they are desperate for money, or perhaps a little greedy.

Along with commercials, there are always the malls season’s greetings. Right when October ends, the tinsel and lights come out. The malls are decorated top to bottom with red, green, and glitter. You can’t move one inch without walking into a blow up Santa or that pumpkin on clearance that you just tripped over.

Don’t even get me started on people’s front lawns during November. If the mall seems bad enough, the drive down local streets looks as if Christmas has taken up permanent residence. The amount of lights people string around their house this early in the month should be illegal.

Let the turkey have its glory and keep Santa in his sack.