So uh… Why do we have Gaping Holes in the Ceiling?


Brittany Cormier, Editor

We’re one of the wealthiest districts in the state, so why do we have ceiling stains a la Dark Water? And not the good Japanese version. Stains aren’t so bad, but gaping holes are probably not optimal either. Some might even say they’re worse.

It doesn’t stop at being a big, open, void of nothing that’s in the ceiling, it leaks too. That’s a safety hazard. A lawsuit waiting to happen. That hallway gets a lot of traffic, and plunking a rubbish bin in the middle of it stops the flow, which was spotty at best to begin with.

Where is all the money going? Certainly not to the heating system.

We’re the 24th best public school district in Massachusetts according to the Boston Business Journal. Clearly they haven’t visited. We also spend the least amount of money per student out of all the schools around us. Isn’t that a delight? And none of these poor kids know about it. Coming to this school everyday for what they think will be a worthwhile education that will lead to a better future in a building that isn’t about to fall apart on top of them. Or maybe, at least, their parents know about it, seeing how their taxes could have ultimately lead to us spending money on the actual people going here.

Even if something costs a lot up front but saves money over time people still won’t do it. They say that people develop better foresight as they grow older but apparently not.

If I have to come here 180 days a year I’d like to have a nice building. Something with lots of windows for the lovely scenery and a big library, like in the Breakfast Club. Now that’s a library.