NFH #YouFightWeFight

NFH #YouFightWeFight

Meredith Nash, Correspondent

This past spring, Nashoba’s own Michelle Farnsworth, a current sophomore, who used to be an avid field hockey player among many other sports, was diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, due to her diagnosis she’s been spending her days enduring chemo and radiation rather then doing what she loves.

Just recently, Nashoba’s field hockey team came upon the MIAA Sportsmanship Multimedia contest.Although winning an award was the initial  idea, once underway the contest grew into something much larger.

At the very beginning of the season the players began creating “pump up” videos in order to stay in touch with their fellow player, Michelle. They filmed themselves participating in cheers, prepping for games, and even included some sweet messages to Michelle directly.

Even though the video was just recently aired, the field hockey team has been texting, tweeting, and keeping Michelle informed throughout the season considering her absence from the field.

“As much as our goofy videos may be helping Michelle, staying in touch with her [has] helped our team even more,” Senior Emma Caviness stated, “She is our inspiration on the field. She keeps us grounded. Sure, we may be about to fight through a field hockey game, but every day, Michelle is fighting a real fight.”

Not only has the team used these inspirational videos, but has also set up several events to honor her. Dressed all in blue, they use the slogan “You fight, we fight” in order to help Michelle feel supported as possible.

According to Meghan Thorogood, Michelle had a wonderful reaction to their antics, “Michelle thinks we are a bunch of goofs; she’s been loving our pump ups, and we’ve been loving staying in touch with her this year. She’s the coolest, and we are so lucky to have such an inspirational girl on the team.”

The hope is that Michelle will soon be out of the hospital and back on the field. Until then, Nashoba is giving her all the support she can get until her recovery is complete.