“You’re Captain of What Team?”


It’s football season and at Nashoba, it seems like that’s the only season there is. But with football season coming to a close, and the hype dwindling down, what on Earth is Nashoba going to do? Sorry girls, you’re gonna have to give the boys their jersey’s back. And boys, you’re gonna have to throw in the towel, cause it’s time for some other sports to get the recognition they deserve.

All throughout the school year, we hear constant reminders of girls soccer, boys basketball, and even those two sports aren’t comparable to the fan representation at football games. They’re huge. I do look forward to the games every year, but let’s be honest, it’s not the only sport Nashoba has to offer, and there are many other teams that have had exceptional seasons as well.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard the news of our baseball, softball, and lacrosse teams, and have seen appearances in the paper, but the attendance at these games are lacking. Even this past fall, our field hockey team has had an incredible season. They have also been holding several events and dedicating them to Michelle Farnsworth, a student at Nashoba who was diagnosed with cancer last spring. Events like this most definitely deserve more recognition than they are currently granted, and with the help of the Nashoba community, we can make that fantasy become a reality.

Now on the bottom of the totem pole, did you know that we have a swim team? Chances are not likely. With the unpopularity and lack of awarenness of the sport, the swim team’s record as of last year stands at a strong 1-9. Not impressive? Yeah no kidding, no one knows it exists. Golf, on the other hand, has had an exceptional season standing at 9-7-0, and even made it all the way to districts. Who would have thought? Not you.

It’s clear that not all sports are as recognized as they deserve to be, explicitly because they’re not football. So, next time you throw on your boyfriends jersey or coat yourself in all that “bleed green” body paint, remember that not all Chieftains are football players.