What’s The Deal with April Fools’ Day?

Grace Roth, Contributor

What is April Fools Day? April Fools’ Day is an annual holiday that consists of practical jokes, and pranks. Pranksters often unmask their jokes by yelling loud and proud, “April Fools’!” at their victim. This custom has been observed for hundreds of years. 

April Fools Day is celebrated on the first day of April. There’s no question that April Fools’ Day is one of the most widely recognized non-religious holidays in the world. Kids prank parents, co workers prank coworkers, and the national news still pranks their viewers. But what is the origin of April Fools’ Day, and how did it become such a day that the whole world takes part in? The answer to the origin of April Fools’ Day is: nobody really knows. 

April Fools’ Day is apparently an ancient enough tradition that no one has ever really questioned it. While April Fools’ Day is known nationwide, many countries have adopted the idea of playing pranks on or around April 1st. For example, France celebrates April Fools’ Day on April first by sticking a paper fish onto the backs of as many people as possible, while yelling “Poisson d’Avril!” This tends to be something children partake in more than adults.

 In Greece, successfully tricking someone on this day is said to bring the prankster good luck for the entire year. In some parts of the country, rainfall on April 1st is said to have healing abilities. 

Everyone has their own take on the fun day here at Nashoba: “One time I hid in a box and I jumped out and scared Coach Mariani,” Officer Hoole said. Mr A is also a prankster: “One time me and one of my buddies filled our friends car up with popcorn and then when we saw him we threw a stick of butter at him saying ‘hey you might need this!’” The best prank I probably have ever done was on my brother a couple of years ago. One day I woke up super early and lined my brother’s door with tape so that there was no opening, when he came out in the morning he went straight into the tape and was sticky the rest of the day! How do you spend April Fools Day?