February Vacation- Stay Local and Have Fun!

Grace Roth, Contributor

When it comes to break, the first thing people look forward to is sleeping in. But what about after that? School break is a great opportunity to catch up on sleep, but also experience things you normally don’t have time to. 

Apex Entertainment in Marlborough is sure to give you and your friends a good time! Their attractions will keep you entertained for hours, including bumper cars, laser tag, bowling, go-kart racing, a huge arcade, ropes course, and mini-golf. That’s not all though! In the building, there is also Altitude The Trampoline park. Experience some action filled flying on their Trapeze Swing. Sail through the air and land in one of the foam pits. 

Don’t like flying? How about Extreme Dodgeball? It’s a radical twist on the oldy but goody. Get a team together and bounce from trampoline to trampoline. Do you like basketball? The average person can’t dunk a basketball but with a trampoline leading your way to be above the rim, you will be able to live out that dream of yours! 

Have you ever wanted to participate in the classic show Wipeout? Well, now you can! Altitude has those padded spinning wheels, and with the help of the trampoline you will jump to victory. 

Battle your friends on the Battle Beam and be the first to knock your competition in the foam pit. 

How about just plain old jumping and tumbling? There’s that too! Get some air on the main court full of wall-to-wall trampolines. Practice those tricks and acrobatic skills you may or may not have! 

Do none of these intrigue you? How about breakout rooms? Try the most popular escape room in Marlborough called The Kidnapping. Get handcuffed in a room and try to escape just in the nick of time! How about the Runaway Train? Free the passengers and escape a runaway train loaded with explosives before it arrives at Central Station. Visit Breakout in the Apex Building and try to escape fun adventures with your friends! Hope everyone has a safe and happy vacation!