Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

Ethan Smits, Contributor

  1. Nissan Z ft. Schitt’s Creek

This fast-paced commercial features popular actors and Schitt’s Creek stars Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara as well as other notable actors including Brie Larsen, Danai Gurira, and Dave Bautista. The commercial previews the new sleek Nissan Z, a highly anticipated sports car. This commercial shows the car’s performance capabilities as well as its comfort, as a casual drive turns into a high speed race. The outro of this advertisement also features the new all-electric Nissan Ariya.

  1. Austin Powers GM

This was a nostalgic commercial for many, featuring members of the Austin Powers movie series. Mike Myers plays Dr. Evil A.K.A. the new CEO of General Motors. The villainous squad discusses the “the number one threat to the world: climate change.” While the odds of a fourth addition to the current trilogy are rare, fans were still excited to see the cast back at it.

  1. Uber Don’t Eats

This humorous advertisement was intended to promote Uber’s new venture into not only food delivery, but item delivery. Jennifer Coolidge, Nick Braun, and Trevor Noah were all featured taking bites out of daily household items. While many normally expect food in Uber Eats bags this marks the rollout of their grocery delivery.

  1. Amazon Mind Reader

Actress Scarlett Johansson and Saturday Night Live star (and husband) Colin Jost, help show us what life would be with mind-reading technology. Brought to you by Amazon, this humorous commercial features the Amazon Alexa intruding on day-to-day life with intrusive comments and suggestions.

  1. Coinbase QR Code

This marketing stunt has been the talk of households. With dads all across the country yelling at the television, “why would they waste so much money on this???,” it has proven to be one of the most successful Super Bowl ads to date. The commercial featured a QR code dancing across the screen for a whole minute long time slot. When viewers scanned the code they were brought to a promotional Coinbase web page which prompted you to create an account in exchange for $15 free Bitcoin. Within seconds, the website had crashed due to the unexpected influx of visitors- over 20 million people scanned the QR code in the minute-long segment. Coinbase spent nearly 14 million dollars on the advertisement, resulting in a 4% stock value increase and adding nearly 2 billion dollars to the market cap.