Nashoba Junior Wins in Worldwide Photography Competition

Nashoba junior, Ben Skarr, was awarded the title “Travel Photographer of the Year” by the worldwide photography competition TPOTY. “Travel Photography of the Year” founder, Chris Coe, describes the winner’s work as a balance of “beauty, range, drama, and elegance.”

Winning the award came as a surprise to the seventeen year old artist. “I had never entered a competition at this professional level before and was well aware of the imagery I was up against.” When he received the news of his accomplishment, he was ecstatic.

Skaar has had a camera in his hand since the age of 8. “I only started to actively pursue photography in 2017,” he said, “When I bought my first drone.” His drone photos are what awarded him first place for their pops of color and breathtaking views. His photography goes hand in hand with his love for the outdoors, and he notes that the little details that nature provides are what inspire him.

The self-taught photographer learned a lot of what he knows from trial and error and online research.  “I’ve always enjoyed photography as a creative exercise,” he said. “All of us are constantly forced to think academically, but I’ve always found those who are consistently maintaining a creative outlook on life appreciate everything a little more.” Skaar’s photography, especially of the outdoors, allows him to be open-minded and appreciate the little things.

Skaar recently started branding himself as a Travel photographer to open up the possibilities of being “able to sustainably explore our beautiful planet.” He is currently doing all he can alongside his studies to set himself up for a career in the creative field, where he can travel the world and apply his art. “[I want to] immerse myself in as many new cultures and see as many beautiful places as I can,” he said. “I like to dream big.”