Nashoba’s Fall 2 Season Welcomes a “New Normal”

It almost feels as though the energy of a crowd following a live sports event or performance comes to us in some form of déjá-vu. That the sound of a final buzzer or a live choir still echoes within the back of our minds. Though these once-familiar feelings are within sight once again, the reality of these circumstances is still beyond our grasp. But, with the presence of Nashoba’s “Fall 2” season, the community is advancing closer and closer towards its previous traditions. 

Inevitably, adjusting to a more familiar form of “normal” amidst a global pandemic has imposed paramount challenges upon the Nashoba community, along with the general population of the school. But, within the inner workings of our school, we have observed consistent change being made in order to adjust to the ever changing policies being implemented by the state. 

The regulation and operation of intermittent sports by the MIAA, which will occur between the traditional winter and spring seasons, means that the Nashoba Athletics Department can begin to work back to some semblance of normalcy. Football, volleyball, cheerleading, indoor track, and unified basketball will be conducting safe seasons, accompanied by proper mask wearing, social distancing, and the maintenance of Massachusetts safety protocols that will keep athletes, staff, and spectators alike safe. 

However, it is critical to recognize that comfortability levels around the present status of sports protocols is relative to each student and staff member. That being said, many students and staff have chosen to opt out of this season in order to ensure the safety of themselves and their families. The Nashoba Community will miss seeing some familiar faces out on the fields and courts this year, but is anticipating a day where COVID no longer threatens the populations of Bolton, Lancaster, and Stow.

A change in staffing has come along with this new season, as Coach Andy LeBlanc will be stepping in as interim head football coach. Due to family reasons, Coach Tucker decided that it is within his best interest to step away from the head coach position. We will miss watching Mr. Tucker lead the players, but we are looking forward to seeing the new direction that Nashoba football will head in under its new leadership. 

Following his commitment to the new position, Coach LeBlanc stated:

“The pandemic has affected many areas of our lives, high school sports being no different.  This year Coach Tucker had to make a tough decision, stepping down to take care of his family.  It was my opportunity to step up, and keep the team moving forward”… “Many unforeseen challenges await us, but I am confident that we will persevere as we navigate through the spring of 2021.  The Nashoba football program has always been rich with tradition, pride, and competitiveness and this year will be no different.”