Gen Z’s Morning Routine Differs From All Others

From the times they set alarms, to news intake and planning their day, generation Z is known for their unique morning routine. Compared to baby boomers and generation X, millennials have now embraced and relied on the advances in technology from the moment they wake up.

A poll from MSN surveyed Americans and showed that the majority of people younger than sixty-five wake up before 7 am. After retirement, that number drops, leaving only 68% of baby boomers waking up before the sun rises. The poll also showed the same number of adults are particularly unlikely to map out their day before it begins. A poll at Nashoba Regional High School showed that the Gen Z students plan out their day around things they love, before their responsibilities. This includes time for sports, clubs, and alone time.

Studies by the team at EContent, scientists learned that retirees and older generations are the most likely to begin their day with the news, while 65% of Gen Z users check their phones while still in bed. “9 out of 10 of Gen Z users will check their phones before they leave their bedrooms in the morning,” EConect says, and “20.8% of Baby Boomers will not check their phones until they receive a call or notification.” The majority of Gen Z users want to start their day connecting with friends, as opposed to only 38% of Baby Boomers. Surveys show that boomers have neutral or no interest in connecting with friends at the start of their day. 74% of Millennials will first use their phones in the morning in the bathroom, as they brush their teeth and get ready.

The Team at CGX found that if younger generations look at news, they are more likely to look for the news online. Only 1% of those in their 20’s read the morning paper. But a surprising one-fourth of Baby Boomers read their news online. Only a small amount of Baby Boomers still read a physical newspaper or get their news on television. This comes to show how paper and print news is dying out. 20% of Gen Z also wants to get news from their social media, compared to only 3.8% of Baby Boomers. 

The same studies show that the older you are the more likely you are to prioritize breakfast. Two-thirds of young adults never or rarely eat breakfast. Over 40% of people 65 and older said they eat breakfast. When it comes to exercise, nearly a third of Baby Boomers do some sort of workout in the morning, compared to only 18% of Gen Z and Millennials. 

Whether they are 15 or 50, the new age of technology and general societal expectations has reconstructed the first few hours of human’s days. From the smallest influence of social media and texts to breakfast and exercise, we can see a fine line between the different age groups and their morning routines.