Nashoba Feeling Lucky to Have a Winter Sports Season

As the Coronavirus continues to spread and numbers increase, the high schools who decided to participate in this winter sports season must take all the necessary precautions in order to have a successful season. 

The Chieftain Press spoke to Athletic Director, Ms. Rich about this season and all of its changes: “Overall, this year will be an unusual year for all of us in athletics. With that being said, …the main focus will be to continue to get our student-athletes back to playing sports and being safe.” 

Many schools throughout the state decided against having a winter sports season, so schools lucky enough to have one know they must not take their time for granted and must follow all protocols to avoid outbreaks and ultimately the end of the season. 

With so many unknowns about this winter season, students understand they are fortunate to be able to go out and compete even if that looks very different than years past. Specifically seniors, who thought they might miss out on their final season, are especially grateful for the opportunity to play. 

The Chieftain Press spoke with Edward Naroian, a senior on the basketball team about the rule changes, and how he and the team are viewing this season: “Some of the protocols for this season are very hard to adjust and get used to, the team is doing a good job of adapting and just trying to be as flexible as we can.” 

Although Nashoba was defeated in their first game of the season, it is important student-athletes are able to do what they love, and they are very grateful for the chance to be out there playing.