Current and Former Nashoba Students Create a Magazine for Teens

Brittney Yuen, Senior Editor

With the start of a new year and the uprising of teens speaking out against problems in our society, young voices are drowned out by adults saying they’re too young to understand so senior, Leo Lukaszevicz, and alumna, Lauren Thier, made their own online teen magazine called Young Aspects that can feature their stories. 

Young Aspects’ goal is to amplify young voices and let everyone be heard. The magazine will feature stories written by today’s teens that talk about social and political issues as well as Gen Z stories and art. “Anyone who is part of Gen Z and has a passion to share stories and opinions to make change can submit content,” Lauren Thier stated. The whole team was gathered through their social media platforms and got over 700 teens across the country to help make this magazine become a reality. Leo Lukaszevicz added, “stories in any form of writing or art, such as photographs, poems, narratives, art, argumentative pieces and more can be submitted!” He also hopes that, “our message can show how everybody is important. Every voice should be heard and especially now more than ever, we need togetherness.” 

 They are currently not looking for team members, but you can submit stories to them through their email [email protected] or through their Instagram account @youngaspects where they will also be posting updates about their first issue that is being released on January 29th!