Craft Corner- A New Calendar for a New Year

CeCe DiVerdi, Contributor

Welcome to the new year! Everyone knows that the new year is a time for new beginnings, new year’s resolutions and a new calendar. Now most people just go buy a new calendar for each year, but what if you just used one that could be reused every year? This craft is a reusable calendar that has the month, date, and day of the week that you switch out daily to continue to reuse the calendar from year to year. 

The materials you would need to make this reusable calendar are easy to get and fairly cheap plus this calendar could last almost as many years as you would like. The necessary materials are:

  • A stretched canvas (you can generally get small-medium ones at some dollar stores)
  • Paint
  • Clips with push pins attached to the back
  • Hot glue
  • popsicle sticks
  • Colored or plain index cards

To start, paint the entire canvas, you can paint it whatever color you’d like and with or without a pattern. Once your canvas is painted and dried you can measure out the three spots evenly across the top of your canvas where you would like your clips to be. Once measured, you can push your clips through the canvas where you measured. Make small drops of hot glue in a tiny circle on a nonstick surface and once dried, push over the pins on the back of the canvas to secure them in place. This will keep your clips from falling out. 

Next, you would take your index cards and cut them in half or to the size that best fits your canvas. Once you have cut the index cards take 12 of them and write the months using a pen or  thin marker and clip them into the first clip on your canvas. For your next clip, take 31 of the cut cards and write 1-31 on the cards so you have one for each day of the month. For the last clip, take 7 cards and write the days of the week. Don’t forget to switch your cards around each day and enjoy your reusable calendar!