Potential Moves in the upcoming NBA Season


Ty Vitofsky, Contributor

With the beginning of the next NBA season falling on Christmas this year, there has been a lot of buzz about potential moves the teams will be thinking about to improve their roster before the season begins. 

Some big confirmed trades this offseason would be Chris Paul to the Phoenix Suns. The Phoenix Suns have a lot of young potential with players like Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton and adding someone who knows the game like Paul could lead to a serious postseason contender.

Another big move would be Russel Westbrook to the Washington Wizards and John Wall to the Houston Rockets. Last season, Westbrook and Harden in Houston didn’t go as well as people originally thought, but I think if Harden decides to stay in Houston, the Wall and Harden duo could be very good. If Harden decides to leave the Rockets, I think he would sign with the Brooklyn Nets and that would make them very deadly and a serious contender to win the finals. Brooklyn already has two superstars in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and adding another to the mix would make them unstoppable. 

Finally, the last trade that I think will make a big impact next season is Dennis Schröder to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers obviously have a good team already as they won the last finals. They have two superstars in Anthony Davis and Lebron James who both signed new contracts with the Lakers, but they lack in other positions, and adding a solid point guard to the lineup could help them win back to back championships.