But, Does It Come in Neon?


After Friday night, the title kind of speaks for itself. I should just stop writing this article right now. Be right back, going to buy a whole new neon colored wardrobe and some strobe lights. Done. Just kidding, my spotlight isn’t even comparable to what Neon deserves.


Back to Neon. STUCO promised an amazing night, and didn’t fail to deliver on that promise. It was totally better than watching Netflix. The energy was there, the vibe was there, the people were there (if you remember my quote from the pre-neon article)*que wink*. There were even neon lights. Yeah, you read right, neon lights. And the best part is, Nashoba actually had attendance at a dance, especially since Neon was this year’s homecoming dance, and such an event has shown poor representation in past years. Everyone was dancing and having a great time, there were even a few dance-offs (Nashoba has some talented dancers, not gonna lie). Kids danced with people they’ve probably never even talked to before, which really goes against their mom’s sage advice to  five year olds, “never talk to strangers”. But hey, they’re big kids now, right? Some of them even own their own pick-up trucks, too.


STUCO really did step it up; it’s going to be a hard dance to follow. Now, coming from a person who hasn’t been to a dance since their eighth grade graduation, I’m not the person to talk to about the qualities of a good dance. But, and I’m sure I have the school behind me, there hasn’t been a dance like this held within the high school walls that has come out as legendary as this one. Like seriously,  if you weren’t there, where were you? That’s the million dollar question.


It also was a great idea to hold the homecoming dance the week before the homecoming game, that way the football players have a chance to actually attend the dance without smelling like a  sweaty locker room. It’s not appealing or ideal for anyone. Imagine the smell. Ew.


Although everyone had a great time, most of the guys there weren’t dancing, apparently they were too cool, but that’s their decision. I’m not here to say that you have to dance in order to have a good time, but that’s kind of what a dance is for. You’re supposed to dance and there wasn’t a single girl in anyone’s line of vision standing motionless, which really  livened up the place as if there weren’t already a billion things going on. The guys may have not been dancing, but what the heck, they were there.


Did I mention there was neon lights?


Of course with everything comes an opinion, but the squeaky wheel doesn’t always have to get the grease, right? There were too many other wheels rolling just fine for one wheel’s issue to even be noticed.


There’s no doubt STUCO created a night to remember, and with the help of all the students, a night that will re-invent the idea of dances forever.