The Craft Corner: Music Plaques

As the weather starts getting colder most of us want to be indoors where it’s nice and warm. But while you’re indoors you probably get pretty bored after a while and want something to do. Well, when days like those start to happen we know that sometimes it’s nice to just do some crafts and listen to music. This craft easily combines both! So to begin you’ll need: 

  • An old picture frame with the glass or if you want a new one you can go to the dollar store to get one
  • A printer
  • Scissors
  • Modge Podge or other liquid glue
  • Tape
  • Paint brushes
  • White paint

To start, pick out your favorite song (I personally use Spotify, but you can use any platform). Once you have your favorite song open, just take a screenshot and print it out, if you’re using spotify you can do the same with the scannable song code. Cut the album cover out of the paper and set it to the side for now. 

Use the bottom half of the paper you just cut the album cover from and tape it face up to the very bottom of the glass from your picture frame. Next up, trace the song name, artist, pause buttons, and anything else you’d like from the paper you just taped, with your white paint. You might have to add another layer of paint so just be patient! Once all of your paint dries you can flip over the glass and take off your taped piece of paper because it is no longer needed. 

Leaving your glass flipped over, take the album cover that was earlier put to the side and cover the entire front with a thin layer of modge podge or glue and place face down on the glass and gently smooth out any bubbles left in the glue. If you are using Spotify you can next take your scannable code and put it at the top of the glass and trace it just like you did with the song title and artist part of the paper. Once everything is dried you’re done! You should now have a mostly translucent music plaque that you could hang up using Command strips or Command hooks to place around the plaque!