A review: Borat Subsequent Movie Film

The world renowned journalist we all know and love has returned to the big screen after a four-teen year hiatus. After fourteen years in a gulag labour camp he was set free and given a mission by the Premier of Kazakhstan to deliver the Kazak minister of culture, Johnny the Monkey, to President Trump and spread Kazak culture to the US. 

As Borat prepares to leave for America he finds his arch rival neighbor has taken all of his possessions and that he has a daughter who secretly follows him on his journey. 

2020 is an interesting year for a new Borat movie, some say he’s the hero this year needs. Yes, his comedy and outlandish skits are funny and get the audience laughing, but it also makes people think and gets a conversation started about the political climate in our country.  

With the normal risky jokes and controversial topics, Borat is consistent throughout the movie. Unfortunately, in the first half of the movie his daughter following allow was holding him back, but once they form more of a bond, they feed off each other nicely and the movie flows better. 

I did enjoy how recent the topics were such as COVID 19, the Presidential election, and Kazakhstan claiming to be the ones who invested in wearing a mask against COVID. Maybe in 10-20 years we’ll look back and see how crazy the time we were living in really was. This movie has a chance to be a real American timepiece. Not only were all my friends talking about the movie overflowing with excitement, advertisements were popping everywhere online. Either on Instagram, twitter, or even Tik tok. 

In typical Borat fashion the most outlandish form of advertising had been pulled off. In Toronto and London, Amazon released giant 40 foot-long Borats for the public to view in all their glory. This sort of advertising adds a fun element to the movie; it makes it feel like a big event. And this movie was a big event, after the fourteen long years out of the spotlight Borat was back. 

Without spoiling anything crucial about the movie, I think it was excellent. 20 minutes in you could feel yourself getting attached to Borat and his mission alongside his daughter. I also think they hit all their points politically that were of biggest value in 2020. For all those reasons if I were to rate the movie out of a 10 point scale, I would rate it a solid 7. It will obviously never be as great as the classic first Borat film but it does its job as being a fulfilling sequel with the right amount of substance from the original but also many new twists that only make sense for a year as crazy as 2020.