Senior Sunrise Marks a Fresh Start for Seniors

Leo Lukaszevicz, Senior Editor

Last Thursday, October 22nd, the senior class of 2021 reunited on the turf for a sunrise celebration. 

Around six in the morning, over one hundred students arrived for the long-anticipated event to celebrate their hard work through the last four years of schooling. Students were greeted by teachers and received free notebooks and class t-shirts. “The shirt was so cute,” said Emma Berube. “It meant a lot to have a special keepsake of our grade.” 

The sunrise was important to students like Abby Ayotte because they had already lost several other senior year traditions, like dances and football games. “It feels like we have lost so much in the past year,” she said, “so I was grateful to see that the school was giving us a chance to experience something so meaningful and long-awaited.”

Although the tradition was unconventional, students like Hannah Marland said, “It was still so fun and exciting to see everyone again.” Everyone was wrapped in blankets as they sipped on the apple cider provided to them by the student council. There was a buzz of excitement as people reconnected with each other for the first time since March. “The number of kids that showed up surprised me,” Hannah said, “it almost felt normal again.” 

As the sun rose, and the new school year began, Mrs. Bailey gave a heartfelt speech congratulating the seniors on all their hard work, and welcoming them to their last year of high school.