New Netflix Movie, Enola Holmes, Is Worth The Watch

Enola Holmes came out on Netflix on September 23, following the story of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes’s lesser-known sister, Enola, as she attempts to solve the case of her disappearing mother while accompanied by her new acquaintance, the runaway Viscount Tewkesbury.

This adventurous coming-of-age movie set in 1884 explores some of the early fights for feminism in London in a whirlwind mystery paralleling those of her older brother, Sherlock. 

The story is told by Enola herself, with her character acting as the narrator in addition to the protagonist in a sometimes off-putting manner, including speaking directly to the camera in the middle of a scene or reacting to other characters’ lines with looks to the camera as an aside. This unusual method of storytelling creates an interactive, albeit somewhat strange, viewing experience, making the audience feel personally involved and invested in the events of the movie. 

Another interesting directing choice was to tell the story partially in flashbacks with many cuts to Enola’s childhood, showing her mother’s care for Enola that contrasts her disappearance so sharply. Enola herself is intelligent and competitive, trying to stay a step ahead of her brothers at all times. She can be brisk at times, but she is also very considerate and selfless, often ignoring her mother’s advice to avoid distractions in her missions to help someone. 

Enola’s name itself plays a vital role in the story, as it spells alone backwards. This segways into Enola and her mother’s fascination with anagrams, appearing quite often throughout the film. Enola struggles with the meaning of her name, and other anagrams are used as messages and clues in the mystery.

Millie Bobby Brown stars in the movie as Enola Holmes, playing opposite Louis Partridge (the Viscount Tewkesbury). The two characters fit perfectly in their roles, and watching the two of them together brings a pleasant energy to the screen. Enola’s mother, Eudoria, is played by Helena Bonham Carter, mainly in the flashbacks. She conveys both the playfulness and drama very well, increasing the impact and confusion of her disappearance.

Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes are played by Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin respectively, who create an interesting dynamic with each other and with Enola. Mycroft is a corrupt and self-serving egocentric, which Sam Claflin manages to perfectly portray. Sherlock acts as a more sympathetic character, turning into a sort of mentor for Enola. Henry Cavill plays this role convincingly, making Sherlock an almost parental figure in Enola’s life.

Overall, this is a very entertaining film, leaving viewers engaged and keeping them on their toes. I personally really enjoyed Enola Holmes, and I would highly recommend watching it.